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Top 10 On Page SEO Plays in 2018 (Backed by Data)

We studied 2 million random keyword searches and share the top on-page CEO strategies to boost your organic goggle rankings (backed by data). subscribe tube.Dom/AhrefsCom? Sub... Have you ever wondered if the on page CEO techniques experts recommend work? Sam Oh breaks down key points from our research study and provides actionable takeaways so you can learn how to optimize your website for search. Youll also learn about some highly praised on page goggle ranking factors that showed negative correlation in our study (and what you should do instead). Here are 10 of the on page ranking factors we covered: 10. use short URL for your pages. 9. Use your primary keyword in your URL 8. Use your keyword in the headline (H1 tag) 7. Add external links to authoritative websites 6. Add internal links to pages that you want to rank. 5. Re-optimize titles on under performing page 1 rankings 4. Create in-depth articles 3. Use modifiers in your titles 2. Dont have slow loading pages 1. Improve PX by enhancing AI. You can see our full research study here: http://ahrefs.Dom/biog/on-page-seo/ Be sure to subscribe for more actionable marketing and CEO tutorials. tube.Dom/AhrefsCom? Sub... STAY TUNED: Ahrefs http://ahrefs.Dom/ YouTube tube.Dom/AhrefsCom? Sub... Facebook https://wow.face book.Dom/Ahrefs Twitter https://twitter.Dom/ahrefs

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